How To Effectively Lead Millennials

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20 Top Leadership Experts In Sports & Business Reveal Why

“Traditional” Leadership Does Not Work In 2020.

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Dear Coach or Business Leader,

If you would like some simple ways to lead, motivate, and inspire today’s generation (and others)… in today’s uncertain business or sports climate… then this could be the most important letter you ever read.

Here is why:

With people retiring later, and the world becoming “smaller”, there is more diversity in teams than ever before.  More to the point, The Millennial generation is the largest, most diverse generation in historyThey will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030.

Having The Right Approach To Leadership
Is ‘Do Or Die’ In Today’s Fast-Changing World!

And there are a lot of obstacles.

So many things are competing for people’s attention – yet leadership is established over time.  Finding ways to nurture relationships is harder now, with people using a lot more technology to communicate.  Social media has made it so young people are more “in-touch” than ever – but with FEWER close personal relationships.

Adding to the difficulty, so much of what we consume, watch, or buy is available at the click of a button, and this has conditioned us to want things immediately.  Attention spans are shrinking.  Visual media like YouTube and Instagram are more dominant than ever before.  

Whole new industries spring up while others disappear almost overnight.

And the pace of change is accelerating.

These are problems most leadership thinking has yet to solve.  There are more than 15,000 leadership books in print, yet according to Gallup, 70% of employees are disengaged at work and half of all U.S. employees are actively searching for a new job.

Bottom line:

“Traditional” Leadership Does Not
Work In 2020.

Maybe you’ve experienced this?

Millennials have very different expectations in work and life than previous generations.  They’ve grown up with different experiences than older generations and are motivated by different things. 

The result?

Most leaders struggle to communicate effectively with them.

Here’s why this important for you:

A new resource is available for you now…

And it reveals in-depth interviews conducted with 20 of the top leadership experts in sports and business (including former All-American athletes, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors, head coaches of top college and pro teams, Super Bowl champions, and speakers listed in the Top 100 Leadership And Management Experts in the world) sharing their go-to tips to help any coach or business leader better engage their players or employees in today’s dynamic culture.

You’ll be getting distilled tools and tactics you won’t find anywhere else.

And with the kind of questions we asked these experts, for example…

  • What Is The Biggest Challenge You And Other Leaders Are Facing Today?
  • What Style Of Leadership Have You Found To Be Most Effective When Leading Millennials?
  • What Are Some Effective Strategies To Get All Members Of A Team Bought In And Moving In The Same Direction?

You’re not just getting a bunch of theory.

The focus is on ACTIONABLE takeaways you can use as soon as today to improve the performance of your team.

You can read Leadership VIP cover to cover, but it’s also intended as an easy reference guide, with all of its content neatly organized by author and topic so you can quickly access specific information and refer back to it anytime. 

All of the above is why Leadership VIP is the one leadership book you will not want to leave on your shelf


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That’s not an exaggeration, either.

Almost any scenario you can think of is covered by these rare interviews.

In a minute I’ll tell you how you can access this information at absolutely no risk.

But first, to help you decide if it’s for you, here’s a “sneak preview” of what’s inside:

  • Why leadership today is not a one-size-fits-all proposition (Millennials are the most disengaged and least loyal generation at work contributing to annual costs of $500 billion in lost productivity and $30.5 billion in turnover.  Most parents, leaders and coaches are at a loss.  Here’s why and, most importantly, what to do to better engage them.) [pg. 161]
  • The L.O.S.S Formula for thriving through crises… even through failure! (Use this anytime you’ve had a setback, the world throws you a giant “curveball”, or if you just need a “reset” with your organization.) [pg. 212]
  • The #1 job of any coach, manager, or leader (HINT: It’s not to win games or get results.  Get this simple concept right, and everything should fall right into place for you when leading your team!)
  • 20 top leadership experts give you their definition of leadership (Every leader has his or her own strengths and what they care about.  In this section, you’ll have the chance to hear a range of definitions and select the one(s) that most resonates with you, so you can embody it with your players!) [pg. 118]
  • The single greatest deficit in leadership today (This easy-to-fall-into trap derails many teams and companies.  If you want to be successful, you must avoid this common, modern-day pitfall.) [pg. 184]
  • The “ugly” leadership secret almost no one talks about (What do the Wright Brothers, IKEA, and J.K .Rowling have in common? This is it!) [pg. 174]
  • A “can’t miss” secret – used by Zappos – to effectively communicate your core values to your team (Organizations with the strongest cultures are the ones whose values are the most clear.  Use this simple secret and watch as everything starts to “click”, from the locker room to the board room!) [pg. 164]
  • The 5 C’s of getting your team to buy into your mission (These are the five questions every team member is subconsciously asking themselves about you… and until you check all five boxes you might have their compliance but never their commitment.) [pg. 241]
  • How to maximize the role your staff and management team play (Players or employees are not usually in contact with the CEO or the Head Coach every day.  That’s why your frontline leaders can make or break your organization. Here’s how to get their full buy in and make them a strong extension of you.) [pg. 176]
  • What one study with 86,000 people revealed about how we become better leaders (Great leaders are made, not born.  Simply do these three things as suggested by the research on page 132, and watch how your team almost instantly responds better to you!)
  • How to deal with the “epidemic” of transfers and job hopping (and how to cure, or at least reduce millennials’ career impatience) [pg. 190]
  • One word that – if you adopt it – could change everything about how you relate to your employees (We know this sounds a bit weird, but it works.  Turn to page 232 to discover how one coach uses this to multiply his impact with his players!)
  • The creativity secret – pioneered by Google – that lets you…

    Build A Culture Of Growth and Innovation!

    This little talked about practice is a staple of Silicon Valley and one of the BIG reasons for its success.

    When you understand how the younger generation views their place in the world and the role of work in their lives, you’ll also realize why this secret makes them flock to companies like Google… why these organizations have the best retention rates… and “ace” employee satisfaction surveys.

    It will also become clear why the old model of leadership is dying. The dictatorship of the past, in coaching and in the corporate world, doesn’t work anymore.  People respond in different ways today.

    This leaves you with a clear choice:

    Either you change with the times or get left behind!

    Visit pg. 222 of Leadership VIP to learn more.

    Here are a few more gems waiting for you inside:

    • How to overcome apathy and entitlement in the age of instant gratification (If you ever find yourself struggling to get through to millennials, you must realize they have different wants and needs than previous generations.  This section empowers you to become a “millennial whisperer!”) [pg. 188]
    • A shocking statistic uncovered by the work of Dr. Stephen Covey that pinpoints exactly where most leaders fall short in rallying and motivating their teams (This is another big reason why many leaders are ill-equipped to manage, develop, and lead today’s unprecedented generation.  Find out what his research reveals as the missing ingredient!) [pg. 284]
    • 20 top leadership experts reveal the person who has had the most impact on them as a leader! (Memory experts say we learn best by stories.  In this powerful section, our experts share stories that will solidify the lessons you’re learning in the book, and provide examples to follow.) [starts on page 142]
    • The single most important characteristic of leadership (Fail in this make-or-break attribute of effective leaders and you can all but forget about getting the best out of your players.) [pg. 118]
    • The unvarnished truth behind the winning ways of college basketball Hall-of-Fame Coach John Wooden (You could never find a player he coached that ever heard him use the word ‘winning’... What he talked about instead is revealed on page 63!)
    • The “Velvet Covered Brick” secret for setting the right tone with your organization [pg. 205]
    • The #1 worst way to develop your mission statement! (Sadly, this is what most organizations do.  In this section, you’ll get “real-life” insights from our experts on what to do instead – and their advice works even if you already have a mission statement!) [pg. 291]
    • Harvard Study: Why research proves energy is contagious (and exactly what type of leader people are proven to follow) [pg. 246]
    • Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell’s simple (yet powerful) rule for heading off internal conflict before it starts (Simply tell your team members this for greater unity and cooperation.) [pg. 280]
    • Three questions that helped legendary turnaround artist Jack Welch bring GE back to prominence (PLUS: how you can use these three questions to “fix” organizational problems and quickly identify new opportunities in your company or team!) [pg. 304]
    • The often-overlooked focus that produces winners (Great NBA players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are just two of many examples. Yet almost no one talks about this.) [pg. 175]
    • A “real life” insight into working with different people in today’s new climate of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (Feeling the pressure of tailoring your coaching or management style to different groups’ needs?  It’s critical that you get this first step right.) [pg. 191]
    • A single, little-used secret that lets you…

      Turn Even The Most Resistant People Into
      “Die-Hards” Ready To Follow You Anywhere!

      Nordstrom’s has this down to an art. 

      Yet it’s amazing how few companies and teams copy this!

      And it has to do with a principle of human nature that is so fundamental, it can’t be captured with spreadsheets, pie-graphs, or a P&L statement.  Some teams or companies may even view this practice as too “expensive”. But this ignores the realities of today’s marketplace – and how we are conditioned by it.

      Read more on page 203 about how you can adapt this simple secret for your own uses.

      ….and we are still just picking up steam!

      Here are even more useful reference points you’ll find in the book:

      • The single most violated rule of working with young people today (We’re making this mistake in our classrooms, too. If you’ve ever felt a “generation gap” between you and your players/employees, this often repeated mistake may be why.) [pg. 196]
      • The one mistake even professional coaches make that will cause your team to not want to follow you [pg. 201]
      • The honest, no “bull crap” truth about navigating the age gap in the workplace today (For the first time in history, there are four generations in the workforce.  Each generation communicates in different ways and is used to different leadership styles.  What you must do in order to get everyone on the same page!) [pg. 195]
      • Why management and leadership are two different skill sets and why most over-manage and under-lead! [pg. 319]
      • Southwest Airlines’ “secret sauce” for quickly gaining market share (and how you can use this same secret, hardly anyone knows exists, to gain an almost “unfair” advantage on your competition!) [pg. 324]
      • 3 keys to success in ALL areas of life (The first step to better leadership is being able to lead yourself.  You’ll find many of the tips inside Leadership VIP apply not just to teams and companies, but will help you gain more confidence, have better relationships, and become a better parent. This is one of them.) [pg. 111]
      • A Ferrari Motors Corporation secret that lets you avoid one of the biggest mistakes almost every leader makes at some point (In all honesty, this takes guts.  But use this secret and your organization will be almost immune to many of the problems faced by teams and businesses today.)
      • The “pure fuel” every leader must run on in order to be successful (Trying to lead your team without this is like putting sand in your car’s carburetor. You’ll find yourself stalled by the side of the road in short order.) [pg. 237]
      • The #1 Leadership KILLER (This may surprise you.  It’s not ego, or failing to value your team members.  Instead, this tip reinforces that good leadership starts with you.) [pg. 208]
      • Straight talk on why people today are dying for something real, honest, and true (and the two qualities they’re most likely to respond to!) [pg. 261]
      • Relationship-building in the 21st century: how to connect with people who are using a lot more technology to communicate or who are located far away! (A fact of our modern world and business today.) [pg. 192]
      • Three things you absolutely must do to properly motivate people of this generation (To outsiders, they seem to be in constant flux.  Do the three things covered on page 258 and you’ll find them to be just as loyal and hardworking as any previous generation!)
      • Why the TV programs you watch might be preventing you from reaching your potential as a leaderThree core values that create championship teams… Five leadership practices proven to work well with Millennials, Gen-Xer’s, AND Baby Boomers… The #1 thing you must do to get young people today to buy in… Henry Ford’s secret to creating a vision your people can rally around… How to tap into one of Millennials’ deep desires and gain their devotion… The conditions you MUST create before giving feedback or criticism if you want it to be well-received… Legendary Coach John Wooden’s secret to enforcing boundaries with love and respect… and much, much more!

      This is just a taste of the many a-ha moments and practical how-to’s you’ll find in the book.

      Every page of Leadership VIP is filled with examples and to-dos that will make coaching, leading and managing individuals from this generation (and previous ones) much easier for you.

      It doesn’t matter how many leadership books you’ve read, you’re bound to discover new insights that are relevant to leadership and how it’s practiced today – insights that apply to your home life and raising kids as much as they do to sports or business.

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                      This is NOT for everyone.

                      If you’re only interested in winning games and making money, this is not the book for you. 

                      Leadership VIP is intended for coaches, business leaders, educators, and parents who are interested in making an IMPACT and leaving a LEGACY for the young people they work with.

                      If you focus on this, the results will take care of themselves.